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Monday, July 31, 2017

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Reasons Why You Need to Work On Your Website Load Times!

Increasing your website speed is essential if you want to attract new viewers to your site. Many times, great content is not enough to keep your viewers’ attention. You need to have images, graphs, videos and a compelling reason to keep your visitor interested and engaged. If your website loads slow due to having images, graphs, screen shots or videos, they may never really see what you have to offer. So making sure your website is optimized for speed is very important to your visitors and for ranking in Google.  

Wordpress Website Hosting

One of the first areas we are going to look at is your hosting. If you are hosting a large site with many images or videos, a shared hosting like GoDaddy or Hostgator is not going to cut it. You need to find premium hosting solutions to power your website. This is one of the first steps to ensure your website load times are fast. There are several hosting providers we recommend: LiquidWeb WP Engine – 2 Months Free Annual Plan WPXHosting  

Rent a VPS

Renting your own Virtual Private Server will create a large difference on your site. Most serious businesses and famous bloggers opt to have their own VPS because of its speed and security. Shared hosting can create some complications on your site, especially if one of its websites is experiencing trouble. Many times, the ease of having your own VPS is worth the extra cash. We use and recommend Liquid Web and have many different options of VPS/VDS you can take advantage of.  

Keep Your Pictures Optimized

Another tip to increase your website speed is to pay attention to your pictures. Pictures usually take up a lot of time to load, especially if you have not edited them properly. If your site is picture heavy, then it will definitely take longer to load especially if they are not optimized. Most people would opt to place thumbnails or smaller resolution pictures on the pages to save on space, as well as load time. You may think that optimizing your images so they will load faster will take up a lot of time on your end. It is not necessarily so. There are many programs that can help you optimize all of your pictures at once, so that they are all in the same size. That should be so much less effort for you. To make it even faster for your viewers to access your site, you may also want to try the lazy load technique, where the pictures load while the viewer is scrolling down the page. This saves a lot of loading time and it is very user friendly. This will save your viewers bandwidth, especially for viewers that do not read posts all the way through. A great plugin that works to help optimize your images is Imagify. Imagify will optimize your images with just a few clicks of a button. They provide different programs based on your data usage per month. You can also use a CDN to help with optimizing your images. A CDN is known as a content delivery network and “is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server”. Seen published on A good CDN is Max CDN and has very competitive pricing.  

Use YouTube

Using YouTube for videos can actually keep the loading time down on your posts and pages. Placing a video directly on your site can cause some drag while people try to access your content. If you do not like using YouTube, there are other streaming services that are readily available to use online. Putting lesser loads on your server will make your site easier to access. For a more optimal user experience, remember to disable the Auto Play feature on your videos. This can be a little unsettling for your viewers and some of them may get annoyed enough to leave your page. Give a great description of the video you want them to see. If they are at work and the auto play comes on, they potentially can bounce off your website immediately. Check out our web design do’s and don’ts.  

Keep Your Posts Organized

Keeping your main page neat and organized is also a good way to keep your loading speed fast enough to gain more viewers. Instead of showing the full posts on the main page, you can choose to show only the first few paragraphs. Excerpts are sneak peeks to the main content, and it is a great way to build interest too. You may also want to make sure that you only feature around 4 to 8 posts on the main page in order to reduce the load time. You can have a load more button that allows more posts to be loaded just by a click. You can also utilize pages (page 1, 2, 3 for your posts), or you can develop a good database that can make your audience get to the content that they want faster. People will definitely appreciate your site’s efficiency. A great way to keep your posts organized is utilizing a silo structure on your website.  

Wordpress Settings & Plugins for Website Speed Optimization

When it comes to wordpress, it is a database website that has a lot of functionality and plugins to not only speed up your site, but also help you optimize your website. It is important to use plugins that have little drag and drain on your website and help improve your websites performance. We tried all of the following WP Caching Plugins: The clear winners for a caching plugin on our website speed were WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. I need to also mention we only did the paid versions of WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. The other caching plugins we were only using the free version. We opted to use WP Rocket for several reasons. Some of the reasons we choose to go with WP Rocket:
  • Cost for many websites (WP Fastest Cache charges per website installation)
  • Integration with Imagify was easy
  • Optimal setup was easy
  • Easy integration with Max CDN
As far as website speed loading time, it was very close. WP Rocket was a slight bit faster than WP Fastest Cache. On WP Rocket we usually load between 1.2s and 1.5s with a webpage that is 3.1mb.  

Make Use of Your WordPress Plugins

Try to check through the plugins on your site and find the ones that are no longer being used. Unused plugins can create a lot of drag on your WordPress site. Take a look through your list. Sometimes we can forget, and deleting the things we do not used can create seconds of difference. On the internet, that is a big difference already. You may even want to study how these plugins function. You can incorporate these without having to put the entire plugin on the site. A few codes on your functions.php can give you the same benefits a widget can offer you. You also want to keep your wordpress plugins up-to-date for efficiency and security reasons.  

Pay Attention to Your WordPress Settings

There is also a way to increase the loading speed through your WordPress settings. You may have noticed pingbacks and trackbacks on your WordPress. This is something that is enabled by default so that you can get notified whenever other blogs interact with you. This is a great WordPress feature, but this can also affect loading speeds. This adds on new data to your post, which in turn makes the post heavier. Turning this feature off will let you browse through your site a little bit faster.  

Do Your Maintenance Work

WordPress is based on a MySQL Database, which means that the database gets larger whenever your posts are edited or when comments are left on the site. Always remember that every time you revise your post, the last version will be automatically saved to the database. Cleaning this up will allow your page to load much faster. Spam comments must also be deleted. While it is great to have comments on your page, spam comments do nothing for you and it will only slow the page down. There are plugins on WordPress that can help you do these maintenance tasks on your site. Since plugins can create a bit of a slow down on your site, you might want to enable this only once a month. For the rest of the time, you can keep it disabled. WP Rocket takes care of the maintenance work for you as well. It will cleanup old revisions and will also delete spam comments from your database for you each week on auto pilot. Also try not to keep website page redirects to a minimum. Sometimes you have to redirect pages, posts, categories and even tags to a new URL. Each redirect added to the page, can and will slow down the page load times.  

Cut Down on the Word Art, Widgets and Graphics. (If You Have To)

The first thing that you should do is to cut down on the word art. Many times, glitzy word art can slow down a page significantly, and it is not a pretty picture when it refuses to show up on screen. In some ways, word art can be unnecessary. It is fine to use it for titles, or for details that absolutely need the attention. There is no need to overdo. You can try using a neat and legible font instead and pay attention to proper spacing. Nice and simple goes a long way, and it will even make your site look fresh and professional. Remember to take down pop ups and widgets that are not of the utmost importance. Decorations can be attractive, but you will have to consider that not all viewers will appreciate that. They will always want good content, and they want it fast. Widgets and other decorations can sometimes take away the experience.  

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Majestic Warrior Launches Auto Repair Marketing Specialty

Phoenix AZ based Auto Repair Marketing by Majestic Warrior offers a range of services designed to improve the performance of digital marketing efforts for auto repair businesses. The Majestic Warrior team can provide techniques and tips to increase traffic and increase website conversions.
 — Majestic Warrior and Shannon Adams are pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new auto repair marketing services. The professionals at Majestic are proud to have the knowledge and experience to provide some of the best auto shop web design and local SEO services. It is important to understand and know what the auto repair and transmission repair online marketing space needs to make the client's shop stand out. The professionals can take a client's auto shop business to new heights with the help of online marketing services and website design innovations. A spokesperson for Majestic Warrior explains, “Our internet marketing specialists can help you establish your auto repair business as one of the most reputable names in your local area. We can do this by strengthening your online brand and broadening your reach. Our web design for auto repair shops is just one component of the service we provide to our customers. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and responsive websites help each visitor to the site have a positive experience.” In addition to offering website development and ideas, MW also provides a wide range of online marketing services. Obtaining a website is not difficult, but it can be challenging to ensure that the site works toward increasing the client's business. The team can create a design and put the pages together in a way that appeals to website visitors. Majestic Warrior techniques are applied in a way that the rankings of the site are targeted and placed before the maximum number of potential new customers. In addition to producing high-quality websites, the team of professionals at Majestic Warrior works with clients to promote the website online with services such as: social media marketing, SEO services, search engine marketing, Google maps optimization and reputation marketing. The team offers some of the best digital marketing services there is for auto shops. Contact Info: Name: Shannon Adams Organization: Majestic Warrior Address: 18631 N 19th Ave #158, Phoenix AZ 85027 Phone: (888) 717-6864 Video URL: Find the original press release found published at

The post Majestic Warrior Launches Auto Repair Marketing Specialty See more on: website of Majestic Warrior


Sunday, July 9, 2017

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines

When launching an internet marketing campaign or simply promoting content from your website, one of the primary goals is for the website to appear in the top results list in various search engines. In this way, you can drive more website traffic or turn those visitors into actual customers for the products and/or services that you offer.  

Branded Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basically, you are targeting local search engine optimization for your website. One of the easiest & safest ways you can do this is to utilize branded keyword anchor text. Branded keywords are the particular words or terms that users may type in search engines when they look for your site or your products and services. These include your brand name, website name, variations of your name or any other property that may direct them to your site. This means the user has already heard about you and they are trying to look for you using Google, Yahoo or Bing. Thus, the use of branded keywords may serve you several advantages:
  • Branded keywords provide you one of the easiest means to rank for a particular search/query result. Unlike generic keywords, your unique company name or brand name sets you aside from your competitors on the same niche.
  • Investing/bidding on branded keywords may incur relatively lower advertisement costs since it is already specifically relevant to your company name.
Thus, branded keywords can vitally lead people to your site – without having to allocate much more funds from your campaign budget.  

Backlinks - Quality & Quantity

Meanwhile, another factor that also influences search rankings is the number of backlinks a particular website has. These are simply the links from other websites, pages, directories, press releases or any other medium on the internet that directs visitors to your website. It’s not just about how many backlinks you have, but also the quality of the backlinks that matter for today’s SEO standards. (We will dive deeper into this with much more detail on another post)

Types of Links You Want to Acquire:

  • Niche Related
  • Authoritative Links
  • Trusted Links
  • Seed Site Links
Some examples of high quality niche related links using our website as an example (these are also authoritative and trusted sites):   These serve as one of the main indicators that search engines use to interpret your content to be relevant to a particular search query. In turn, the more backlinks you have may also mean the more ‘votes’ you have from different websites. These websites may be in a way, referring to or recommending you because of the quality of your content, the credibility of your site, and etc.  

Incorporating Anchor Texts in Backlinks

One way to create backlinks is through the use of anchor texts. Anchor text is simply the visible text that is present in a given hyperlink. Since backlinks are used as an important basis for the relevance of your website to a particular search query, the anchor texts should be also able to provide contextual information of the link’s destination. Thus, it may be useful to use branded anchor text backlinks or branded mixed with a keyword phrase. However, it is important to note that the basis of backlinks as indicators for search rankings do not only refer to the plain numbers of websites pointing to your page. It is also rather influenced by the popularity and the credibility as well of those sites that refer you among many other factors.  

What are Branded Links and how they can help in SEO

Branded links are essentially a directory or url that was created out of the brand name or any related term that can be associated to the name of your company, the content that you share, and etc. The use of branded links is also beneficial for but not limited to the following reasons:
  • They are shorter and easier to read and thus, are easier to remember.
  • Unlike simple shortened links, branded links make you unique.
  • Since it incorporates brand name, it thus gives your brand more exposure and gives users an idea of the content that you share.
  • They are a safer backlink anchor text to your website (Google has stressed the importance your brand should be)

How to Create and Use Branded Links

When using branded links, it is important that you do not only formulate a link that incorporates your brand or website name. Make them as short and relevant as possible to the content that you are trying to present or the product that you promote.
  • There are services or tools, which you can use to shorten your links. (, are 2 that are among our favorites to use) (You can also do some Ninja stuff using 301 redirects from these link shortener services)
  • For branded links, it is especially convenient to use custom or branded domains that you can acquire for a low cost.
For example, the most popular companies have their custom domains as shown: for has for The latter are not really different websites, but clicking on or typing those will still redirect you to the original website.
  • Keep in mind that the domain extension doesn’t necessarily have to be .com. It can be everything that you can incorporate to your brand name. For example, uses as one of their branded links.
So basically, you create lists or particular keywords which you can use for your branded links, use a link shortener tool or service, choose and acquire a custom domain, and share these links to your different communication channels.  

Backlinks and Link Profile

All of these backlinks then are what that make up your backlink anchor text profile, which is also known as your link profile. When you create a backlink, this is indexed by Google and places it into a database (which is your link profile) that points to your specific website. From then on, the algorithm is employed which then establishes your rankings. As mentioned earlier, it is important that your website is not just credible, but that your link profile shall be just as credible. For example, if you are using too much of anchor texts that partially or exactly match particular keywords in search queries, you make it seem obvious for search engines that you are just trying to rank for that particular keyword. So, what then makes a good link profile? It is important that the link profile is as natural as possible. It is important that they do not only look natural but they themselves should be natural. A natural link profile should satisfy the following:
  • The websites that point to your site should have an established authority or credibility for the content that they share.
  • It is useful that the content of your website are also relevant to the websites that refer you.
  • Your links that should points out to where they are intended unlike misleading, spam sites or links
  • Most importantly, the anchor texts you employ should be as diverse as possible.

Some Types of Anchor Text to Use:

  • Branded (Variations)
    • Examples: Majestic Warrior, MajesticWarrior, (Majestic Warrior), Majestic Warrior Marketing, Majestic Warrior Media, Majestic Warrior Digital, majesticwarriormarketing, majesticwarriormedia, majesticwarriordigital, MW Marketing, MW Media etc, Shannon Adams, Majestic Warrior – Shannon Adams, Shannon Adams
  • Naked URL (Variations)
  • Generic
    • Examples: click here, company, website, this website, this blog, our website, expert website, visit website, check out this website, check out the blog, visit the blog, visit this page, why this company, check out this company etc.
  • No Anchor Text
    • Example: no actual text hyperlink
  • Image
    • Example: links from an image to target page
  • Branded with Keyword Phrase
  • URL with Keyword Phrase
  • Generic with Keyword Phrase
    • Examples: click here for seo services, visit our webs design here, check out our internet marketing services here
  • LSI Keyword Phrases
    • Examples: website optimization, optimization of your website, mobile website optimization, optimize your websites for search engines etc..
  • Branded with LSI
    • Examples: Majestic Warrior optimization of your website, majestic warrior’s website optimization, majestic warrior’s website design
  • Sentences with Target Keywords Included
    • Example: How to Properly do SEO and make your company stand out!
  • Exact Match Keyword Phrase
    • Examples: search engine optimization, website design, local seo, SEO, internet marketing services, digital marketing agency etc..
  Notice how we have exact match keyword phrases as last. In today’s SEO environment you want to look as natural as possible and exact match keyword phrases are not natural. You want to use these types of anchor text on your most powerful links from niche related websites. You also want to avoid areas of syndication of exact match anchor text. Syndication is a great tool, but in this case can do a lot of harm when you are using exact match anchor text for your backlinks.  

Diversifying Your Link Profile

To emphasize the last point, a diverse link profile suggests that you are not simply trying to rank for your profile but it is that many websites are actually vouching for you because of your content. This is then where the use of branded links comes into play. As mentioned, branded links make it easier for you to target SEO. Thus, these should also have a good share on your anchor text percentage. One of the ways to diversify your link profile is to use branded links with keywords. As SEO analysts would recommend, 35% to 90% of your link profile should at least tell something about your brand. Diversifying your links can also mean where you get the links from and link sources. We will discuss this a lot more in depth on another post.   

Anchor Text Percentages to Follow:

Branded Variation Anchor Text - 60-75% Naked Link Variations – 20-25%% Generic - 5-10% LSI/Partial Match – Less Than 3% Exact Match Anchors – Less than 1%   Also Remember Keyword Density for Each Page: (Helps avoid over optimization) 1 Word Phrases Less than 3% 2 Word Phrases Less than 2% 3 Word Phrases Less than 1%   This is on a page by page basis, Google does not rank websites, it ranks web pages. Each page should have this type of formula.   In conclusion, the use of branded keywords and branded backlinks are both essential in increasing your search visibility in different search engines. Branded keywords are specifically important because it can easily point out to your brand name. You can utilize those for the backlinks that you create which is also one of the important indicators for search rankings. The most important key is to balance the use of different types of backlinks. You do not under-optimize or else you may just flank in the rankings as much as you do not over-optimize that you may be flagged by Google for penalties.

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines Find more on: #webdesign by Majestic Warrior


Friday, June 23, 2017

Majestic Warrior Launches Water Damage Online Marketing Specialization

Majestic Warrior is pleased to announce our specialty and another core focus on water damage restoration online marketing. We have helped many water damage companies with lead generation, SEO, local SEO and social media marketing. Our team is experienced in building optimized and responsive water damage websites that are designed to convert more visitors into customers.

Water damage restoration companies can be excited as Majestic Warrior announces the launch of expert online marketing enhancement services. Doing online business requires loads of exposure and traffic, because prospective customers have many options to choose from when searching online to find a company. With the competition for Google Places as high as ever, it might be the right time to try out the services of Majestic Warrior including: SEO, website design, social marketing and reputation marketing services. The company is reportedly into the business of creating dynamic and unique websites which will amplify conversion of customers. The SEO services rendered by the company allows customers to dominate the search engines by creating a web content marketing strategy for Majestic Warrior’s clients. The social and brand marketing the company provides is designed to help customers not only acquire a strong online presence, but to also help the website reach a larger target audience. The Majestic Warrior website further breaks down the perks that come with patronizing the company, “our free report allows you find out what your customers are saying about you online, search top business directories to find errors & optimization issues and also discover how visible your business is online to potential customers”. Since 2011 the company has provided great results for clients in the water damage and fire damage industry. This announcement is sure to be met with optimism and a warm welcome by the home restoration industry. The company website offers a free service of analyzing and providing website reports on the summary of online reputation and visibility. For special inquiries, get in touch with the company by phone or email. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered and obtain a free reputation report of your website. The original press release can be found by visiting
  Water damage digital marketing - Water damage web design - Water damage SEO services -  

Majestic Warrior Launches Water Damage Online Marketing Specialization Read more on: website - MajesticWarrior


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Majestic Warrior Launches New Utah Based branch

Majestic Warrior has now launched online marketing services to local businesses in Utah. Our team is excited for the opportunity to help these small to medium sized businesses obtain results from their online marketing campaigns.

SEO, website design and social & brand marketing services that work.

Majestic Warrior announces new digital marketing agency branch launch in Utah. Improvements and expansions are the most prominent signs of a thriving business. Majestic Warrior follows the norm by opening a brand-new branch in Utah to deliver high quality digital marketing services. The Utah agency will reportedly deliver on the following services: web design, search engine optimization (SEO) services, search engine marketing services (aka PPC/SEM), social media marketing and reputation management. These days, businesses have to own dynamic websites to help the professional outlook of the organization. Having a professional look and proper optimization of SEO, PPC or social media campaigns is a solution that can benefit small businesses in Utah. The SEO, PPC and SEM services offered by the Utah based Majestic Warrior agency is geared towards promoting web content to the eyes of potential customers where they can see and patronize the services and products being advertised. The company backs up its commitment to prospective clients with the statement off the website, “You can depend on Majestic Warrior for the wide array of online needs your business may have. In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, you need to have experienced and skilled professionals on your side to make sure you have a strong online presence. You need to be where your customers are looking and searching for the services and products you offer. As a digital marketing company in Utah, you can leverage our experience in order to help your business grow and obtain new customers”. For special inquiries, get in touch with Majestic Warrior today. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered and obtain a free reputation report. To get tips and advice about online marketing, check out the company’s blog to learn more. Original Press Release found published on
  Utah online marketing - Utah SEO - Utah web design -   Contact Info:
Majestic Warrior 18631 N 19th Ave #158 Phoenix, Az 85027 (888) 717-6864

Majestic Warrior Launches New Utah Based branch See more on:


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Ultimate List Of Local Search Citations You Will Need

Why Citations Are Important to Rank in Local Maps Citations are important and crucial in order to help you with your local SEO and local rankings online. These listings (aka citations) play an important role in your online marketing. Being listed on many major citations help your business in several ways:
  1. Gain authoritative backlinks
  2. Get traffic from these citation sources
  3. Help you rank in the major search engine Maps (Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps)
  4. Help you get more customers, directly from the listing and indirectly from Maps Rankings
You may know how to find these citations and you may have built some of them on your own, but you need to make sure they are optimized well and include all available elements they allow. It is also important to keep adding new citations and know how many citations you need to stay ahead of your competitors. You also want to find niche related listings (which are more powerful as they are niche related) and hyper local citations. Hyper local citations are location specific to your area. For example in Arizona we have a local directory called Local First Arizona, which is considered a hyper local directory and these can be a very powerful listing source. We mainly provide services in the US so most of our listings/citations are going to be focused on US businesses. Since online marketing changes and evolves, we will try to keep this list updated and ongoing. Some really good finds of online citations/social profiles do not always continue and end their services, so it is important to us to keep this updated. You also want to look into getting included in Data Aggregators, as these can help you get listed and found automatically on other citation sources. So they are important to include, but are not necessarily listings or citations. The first section is going to be general citations and we will be providing industry specific citations. Some of the industry specific listings can be overlapping to our general list. We will also be adding more to our industry specific citations as we are only including a handful of industries on the original post. You can also make a copy of the list or download the list from our drive file. On the file there are multiple tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. There are so many sources available, we probably have missed some, if you think we have missed some please let us know so we can add them to the list. If you are busy running your company and want an expert team to handle this process for you, get in touch with us today. This is a part of our local SEO strategy and we build links to these citations to increase their power, authority and trust. Besides our citation building campaign, we use other additional strategies to help your business get found on Google Maps. There are many citations on our list we use as examples of how you should build and fill out your listings.

Color Codes

  • Black  = Free
  • Red = Paid 
  • Green  = Most Important
  • Blue = Social Profiles

Important Data Aggregators

Acxiom Express Update Factual Neustar Localeze  

General Citation List 10 SEOs 4 Shared Abi Find Abi Logic About Us Advice Local Alignable Angel List Angie's List Apple Maps Art Might Bark BBB Best Brands Worldwide Best Web Firms BizDays Brand Yourself Brownbook Check My Review City Insider CitySearch CitySlick CitySquares CityVoter Click Blue Credibility Crowd Reviews Dex Media (AKA nSphere) Discover Our Town Disqus Dwell EZ Local Facebook Find the Best Find The Company Flip Board Fold3 Forlocations Foursquare Get Fave Google Places Google Plus Gravatar Home Advisor Hotfrog Hours Info Houzz I Global Identy Me Infignos Informative InfoUSA InsiderPages Instagrahm Intently Judy's Book Kanoodle KiwiBox Klout Kudzu La Cartes LinkedIn List-Company Local 6qube Local Roll Call Look Up Page Magic Yellow Manta Manttus Map Creator MapQuest/Yext Master Moz Medium Meet Up Merchant Circle Mister What MojoPages Moz My Huckleberry My Sheriff MyLocally Opendi Pearl Trees PennySaver Picasa Web Pinboard Pinbud Polyvore Profile Index Punch Bowl Recommended Company ShowMeLocal Slide Share Social Media Today Start Up Nation Store Board Strikingly Tackk TeleAtlas Thing Link Thumbtack Top SEOs (powered by Yext) TripAdvisor Trulia Trust Link UsCity VieSearch Wampit Whitepages Yahoo! Yellowbook Yellowbot Yellowee Yelp  

Citation Lists by Profession (More Will Be Added)

Attorneys Specific Citations

AllLaw American Institute Of Legal Counsel American Lawyer Referral Attorney Directory Attorney Help Attorney Pages Attorneys Web List Attorneys.LawInfo Avvo Bankruptcy Attorney Directory Center for Legal Solution Find a Personal Injury Attorney Find Law JUSTIA Justice Finder Law Link Law Research LAWGURU LawLink LAWQA Lawyer Central Lead Counsel LEGALDOCS Lexis Nexis Martindale More Law Nolo State Lawyers Super Lawyers Us Legal Wallet Hub Your Local State Bar  

Web Design Specific Citations

10 SEOs 500Px Behance Best Web Firms Clutch Crayon Design Agency Design Directory Design Firms Designers-City Dexigner Ello Ez Find Web Design Freelance Designers Git Hub Graphis My Folio Online Designer Directory Professional Web Design Directory Slide Share Stage 32 The Best Design The Web Design Market The Web Design Network Top Design Directory Top Design Firms United States Web Design Directory UpCity Web Design Finders Web Designers By State Web Professional Which Web Design Company  

Hyper Local Citations by State (More Will Be Added)


BBB Ethical AZ Local First AZ
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Make A Wish Thank You And Shout Out

Thank You Very Much to All Who Contributed To Make This Happen

A wish is a hope for something that is not easily attainable; to want something that cannot or probably will not happen. Not many people get a wish granted in their lifetime but our son was chosen to have his wish granted. Our son Cameron has uncontrolled seizures, autism, developmental delays, chromosome deletions and is non-verbal. He is one of the happiest children you will ever meet especially considering all he has gone through. He is not able to control his body but one thing he can control and loves is watching clips of his favorite movies on you tube. For the last ten years Finding Nemo and Toy Story have been in the top favorites. His other love is being in the water, even learning how to swim before he could walk. So when we were asked what we thought his wish would be if he could speak it was easy. Cameron’s wish would be to “Find Nemo”. So with the help of Make A Wish Arizona and their staff Danica, Marissa and Dana we set off on a journey to “Find Nemo”.  We went to Orlando, Fl and stayed at Give Kids The World Village. Everything was taken care of and set up by Make A Wish Arizona just for us. Thank you Danica, Marissa and Dana so much for your hard work getting to know Cameron and making his wish come true.
Our sendoff party was at The World Wildlife Zoo ending with dinner at Dillon’s BBQ in Litchfield Park, AZ. We had a great time with train rides at The World Wildlife ZOO, seeing the many animals and even getting to touch an ostrich egg. We ended our evening getting to walk through the aquariums where we got see many species of fish and even feed the stingrays. Afterwards we walked over to Dillon’s were we enjoyed a delicious dinner with seats that made us feel like we were eating underwater. Thank you World Wildlife Zoo and Dillon’s for making our send off party a huge success!
A few days later we were off to Kissimmee, Fl to embark on our adventure. We were picked up by a limo, which the kids absolutely loved, even the adults. When we got to the airport the Southwest Airlines representatives were waiting for us, helped us with our luggage and walked us all the way up to the gate. Cameron being medically complicated required us to have an entire carryon bag dedicated to his medications and other medical needs. We were pleasantly shocked and surprised with how easy and seamless the staff from TSA and SkyHarbor made the process of getting through security. Being nervous as to how Cameron was going to do on the plane this was a big relief, the last hurdle we had to overcome before the plane ride.
This was Cameron’s first time on a plane which included a trip to the cockpit and getting to meet and even sit in the pilot’s chair. He did surprisingly amazing. When we arrived in Florida we were greeted by staff from Give Kids the World Village and family that lives there. The staff escorted us to our car rental and made sure we had all we needed to be able to find our new home away from home for the next several days. When we arrived at the village our villa was decked out in Finding Nemo decorations including seaweed, wall decals throughout, a Nemo wall clock and other Nemo goodies. The staff went above and beyond. Thank you for giving us first class treatment!

Give Kids The World

Friends of ours who are Alumni said how they wish they spent more time at Give Kids The World when they stayed there so we decided our first day we would just stay and enjoy all they have to offer. There were so many things to do at Give Kids the World Village the day just flew by! The day was great and relaxing with lots of ice cream, tattoos, swimming, arcade games, carousel rides, petting a sleuth, celebrating Halloween and meeting Disney characters. This is just to mention a few of the things we did without even getting in a car. Did I mention ice cream available at 7:30am? Our villa was a perfect fit for our needs and the village had anything we could hope for. We were so spoiled and it was great! Every night was a new theme with decorations filling the village and goodies dropped off each morning for the children. For the first time in our lives as a family we were able to let down our guard and didn’t have to explain or apologize for holding up the line or feel like we were inconveniencing other attraction visitors. We were with a group of our peers all of whom were in some sort of similar situation. The staff members were so kind, understanding and helpful. They not only interacted with the kids but went out of their way to make sure the parents were relaxing and being taken care of too. We want to thank the staff, volunteers and sponsors that donate to Give Kids the World for all their hard work in making each family’s stay truly magical.


Tuesday we had a few delays as Aurora got sick and Cameron had some tummy issues in the morning. We got a very late start to the day ending up at Epcot Center late in the afternoon to go to “The Seas with Nemo & Friends”. We found out quickly that we were not at Give Kids the World Village. I guess at some point we had to go back into the real world. We made the mistake of going to our first park at the end of the day when other people who had been at parks all day were showing signs of wear. On top of 2 kids not feeling good and some grumpy attraction seekers around us, it made the Epcot visit a little challenging. We did enjoy “The Seas with Nemo” once we made it inside and we were successful in finding Nemo! There is a lot to see and do at Epcot, but with it already being the evening and trying to give plenty of time to the areas that interest Cameron, we did not get to venture around Epcot.

Discovery Cove

Wednesday we decided to make it a low key morning and let the kids go horseback riding at Give Kids The World. Cameron had been having rough mornings with nausea, but once we got past it, we had an amazing day at Discovery Cove. This place was an awesome adventure, we are so glad we got to go to. Attendance is capped at 1300 people in the park each day, so it is not as crowded as other parks. The staff and environment had a similar feeling to Give Kids The World, so friendly and personable which we thoroughly enjoyed. With so much to see and do we quickly got acclimated with the layout and set out exploring. Having limitations on the activities we can all do as a group we broke into smaller groups. My middle son and wife decided to do the SeaVenture which was spectacular. While they were walking with the fish, one of the park managers realized we were a “Make A Wish” family and set up a private meet and greet for us with some of the parks sea creatures since Cameron and our youngest daughter were not able to participate in the SeaVenture. We all enjoyed the meet and greet where we were able to touch, feed and learn about some of the sea life. Having so much fun we didn’t realize the time and ended up missing lunch. As we were standing around confused trying to figure out where to get something to eat we asked a passing kitchen staff member for recommendations. After disappearing for a few moments he came out with one of the chefs who said ”What do you like? Let me see what I can whip up for you guys”. She and another staff member, after a short period of time, came out with several plates of delicious food that they were able to prepare for us. The way we were treated was completely unexpected and truly awesome.
Cameron loved swimming in the water at Discovery Cove! We almost forgot just how much he enjoys visiting the beach and this is the closest he has been to one in over 3 years because of health issues. He ran right in all smiles. Besides the beach another favorite was the river. We all loved floating down it together. We had a great time at Discovery Cove and it was one of the best park days we had. Thank you to the staff members at Discovery Cove for making it a day to remember and going out of your way to take care of us. If we make it back to Orlando, FL for another vacation, you are on our list to visit again as Cameron loved our day at Discovery Cove.

Animal Kingdom & Art of Animation Resort

Thursday we were off to a running start trying to make the most of our time as the week was coming to an end. We decided to visit Animal Kingdom before going swimming and finding Nemo at the Art of Animation Resort. We had a great time at Animal Kingdom. The kids really enjoyed seeing the “Its Tough to Be a Bug” show, going on rides, collecting penny press coins and trading Pins with staff members. Dana our Wish Coordinator with Make A Wish Arizona worked magic and made arrangements with Joe, the recreations manager, at Art of Animation Resort for us to come swim in their Nemo pool that afternoon. This gave us, of course, another attempt to “Find Nemo”. Upon arriving at the resort we met with Joe and were blown away on how accommodating the staff members were at “The Art of Animation”. As we were getting ready, they gave us goggles, swim toys, towels, souvenirs cups and set us up for the rest of our evening inviting us to dinner and join any of the activities the resort had to offer. After getting all situated with anything we could need several of the staff members/life guards came and jumped in the pool with us to play. Everyone had a blast!!! Before turning into fish ourselves we toweled off and went to make some tie die Mickey shirts under the watchful supervision of seagulls randomly calling out Mine! Mine! Mine! Of course Cameron’s was Nemo colored. We all enjoyed our visit to the Art of Animation Resort. Everyone went above and beyond what we expected; after all we were just hoping to swim in the pool. This is a beautiful hotel and the Nemo inspired pool with giant set pieces of the movies favorite characters were a sight to see. We are so thankful they let us come and swim for the afternoon. After all how could you be on a quest to find Nemo and not stop at The Art of Animation Resort. Not only did we find Nemo but we found all his friendstoo. A special bonus we got to see the ocean through Nemo’s eyes being that everything was proportioned in size as how Nemo saw it. Thanks again for a fun afternoon and evening. This would be a great place to stay with lots of entertainment and things to do.

Magic Kingdom & SeaWorld

On our last day to “Find Nemo” we gave it our all. Besides loving Nemo Cameron also loves Toy Story so we decided to go to The Magic Kingdom. It was a bit chilly that morning but we decided to take the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom. We were glad we had a Nemo hat that Michelle with Snuggle Me Crochet made just for Cameron before our trip. It was so cold we talked about finding sweatshirts to snuggle with. Before we could make it into a store to get them it already started to warm up so off we went to explore the Magic Kingdom. It was a fun adventure as we tried to navigate our way around going on rides along the way. After trading more pins, getting some pirate paraphernalia and grub we found our way over to the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. We even had a pleasant run in with one of the lifeguards we got to swim with at the Art of Animation Resort earlier in the week getting off the ride. Mid way through the day we decided to take a break and go to SeaWorld for a few hours where we got to spend time with some of our family that we haven’t gotten to see in a while.  The kids loved the rides, games, playground and spending time with their cousin. And as you probably have already guessed we found Nemo again. After a tearful goodbye we decided to brave the crowds again at Magic Kingdom to see some princesses and fireworks. The firework show was spectacular; all the kids had this look of awe and wonder on their faces. It was a little crowded of course, but we were glad we got to see it. After the fireworks we decided to see a few more attractions and visit the princesses for our daughter. With everyone tired and the clock being close to midnight, which was later than we saw all week, we all felt like we were about to turn into pumpkins and it was time to go home.

Before leaving Give Kids The World Saturday, we went to find Cameron’s star in The Castle of Miracles that Stellar the Star Fairy hung the night before in the tower. We also visited the Pillow Tree which grew three pillows for the kids to take home with us. Of course we also had to stop for ice cream again, ride the carousel a few times and visit a few other favorite places before we left. We had an amazing time with many wonderful memories and were sad to go home. We were able to find Nemo in quite a few places as he seems to have figured out how to travel across land as well as the ocean. Cameron may not be able to tell us with words how much he enjoyed this special trip but his smiles, extra kisses and singing shouted volumes. He also had record low seizures while we were in Florida including a day that he was seizure free during the day which I don’t remember happening before. The whole experience was priceless! Give Kids The World Village is such a special place. We know we can’t come back and stay, but if this ever opened up as an option, we would save up and love to come back and stay there. Everyone there understood each family’s special needs and really went the extra mile to make it relaxing and enjoyable. We were able to take home the decals off the walls of our villa from our stay at Give Kids The World. Cameron now sleeps with the fishes as he has a submarine view of Nemo and his friends. It took us a little while to put all the decals up, but they look as great in his room as they did in our villa! Again we want to thank Make A Wish Arizona for making this happen! We want to thank all the sponsors, contributors and volunteers that made our trip possible. This was truly an incredible experience that far surpassed anything we could have imagined. We are so grateful to receive such a blessing. A huge thanks to everyone involved for an amazing time!  Everyone was awesome to work with and helped make this a dream vacation we will never forget.
Thank you again from the Adams Family and Majestic Warrior, we had an amazing adventure.
#givekidstheworld, #MakeAWishArizona, #seaworld, #discoverycove, #magickingdom


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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